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VigaPlus herbal Viagra

VigaPlus - the new Viagra alternative, made from only the most powerful herbal extracts. VigaPlus is intended for strengthening male potency, both as preventive maintenance, and for immediate moments of intimacy. It helps men having, for various reasons, low sexual activity. VigaPlus restores the loss of sexual power, restores self-confidence, and raises sexual activity and potency.

  • Improves sexual sensitivity
  • Natural treatment of ED
  • Improves blood flow to the penile area
  • Prolongs erections & Increases endurance
  • 100% safe with no side-effects

VigaPlus's natural components influence impotence from different directions. First, tribulus terrestris extract promotes testosterone secretion (man's basic sexual hormone), which is responsible for arousal, erectile function and sperm secretion. Another important herb is the xanthoparmelia scabrosa lichen, a natural PDE-5 inhibitor, allowing for sustained erections, which have long since been known as the means for increasing force, energy, endurance and preserving male sexual function during various periods of life.

Not only for purposeful treatment of impotence, VigaPlus makes the organ healthier as a whole. You'll also feel less anxious and more relaxed, thanks to the bonus properties of our 100% pesticide-free herbal ingredients. Some of our ingredients, long used as aphrodisiacs around the world, even intensify the pleasure you feel at your partner's touch. This unique herbal supplement has no contraindications as long as there is no individual intolerance to any of its components. Just take 1 tablet a day for preventive maintenance or 1-1,5 hours prior to sexual intercourse.

Enhance your sexual desire and performance without a prescription! VigaPlus is the new, safe and 100% natural Viagra alternative. If you would like to improve your libido, stamina and sexual performance or suffer from Erectile Dysfunction, then you owe it to yourself and your partner to invest in VigaPlus. It is also easier on your wallet; it is 100 times cheaper!!! Not everyone can make "love" with "Viagra", but with natural VigaPlus - it can happen every day!